February 25, 2009


Next up, for the third day of our trip, we headed to Rosario, a city about three hours northwest of Buenos Aires that is home to my friend Meag. Jesse really wanted to rent a car but I didn't because of the cost and the scariness (as I mentioned before, drivers straddle lanes, tailgate, there aren't stoplights or signs in Rosario...) I really wanted to take the bus, which I figured would be more relaxing. I even tried to trick him, by leading us to the bus station on Wednesday morning, telling him when we'd get there we could try to find a car rental place nearby, hoping that would prove too difficult. However, (unfortunately for me) his theory of spontaneity proved right again and we were able find a rental place with cars available that very morning.

I have to say, the driving in Argentina was not as heart attack inducing as I thought it would be. I was stressed out on our ride to Rosario mostly because I hate driving in general, because Jesse refused to keep to the speed limit, and because I couldn't help fearing a car crash with no way to get help since we didn't have a phone on us. Also, the ride was only 2 1/2 hours but felt like FOREVER because we drove through nothing but the same flat plains the whole way.

I used my awesome navigational skills to find our hostel in Rosario without a map! We stayed at Anamundana Guest House, a homey little place with English speaking staff. Mad cheap at 100 pesos ($30) a night. Our room even had a mini balcony (Argentinians love open air spaces)! I'd recommend it, although I think I'm personally over having to share bathrooms at hostels.

After a walk around Rosario's shopping district, I got to see Meag's cute little apartment, which her boyfriend lovingly fixed up with his own sweat equity. We assembled a relaxing afternoon snack of picada on her balcony, complete with grapes leftover from her winemaking attempt.

In the evening, our hosts led us on a tour of Rosario, which has some really pretty riverfront parks, followed by dinner and then drinks on the river. Fun!

Argentina tales to be continued...

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