February 26, 2009

On the Banks of the Muddy River

Being that we had escaped winter for summer, my vacation plans included time soaking in sun on a beach.

So for our second day in Rosario, Jesse and I headed to the beaches on "The Island" in the Rio de la Plata that you can reach from Rosario via a convenient ferry that runs every half hour.

However, I was still so sunburned that I was actually trying to shield myself from the sun instead of tanning (hence looking like a dork in Jesse's hat).

Luckily we could take refuge in the shaded huts along the beach, where we enjoyed cold beer and more chori-pan.

Which is okay, because I didn't really want to wade in the brown river anyway. Meag also said something about snakes on the island, but we didn't see any.

Argentina tales to be continued


Dennis said...

That would be the Río Paraná in Rosario. It feeds into the Rio de la Plata just north of Buenos Aires. Both are definitely very brown.

The satellite view from Google maps is quite good to see the color of the rivers (when zoomed in close enough to get true colors).

Julia said...

Thanks for correcting me. Clearly I didn't do my homework. I have seen the satellite view and it's totally bizzarre to see the difference between the brown rivers and the clear blue ocean!