February 22, 2009

Our BA digs

Since this loft we wanted was unavailable, we looked for another apartment we could rent for our week in Buenos Aires. It turns out there are a lot of resources for weekly/short term apartment rentals in BA, but we ended up finding ours on craigslist, since we jumped at the first place that responded to our availability inquiries on such short notice. I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, but i told myself that was all part of the trip being an ADVENTURE and it turned out okay. I was really happy with our cute little place, and it was a really good deal for the price.

The pluses:

Our own junior one bedroom, with more room and privacy than a hotel.

A beautiful old Spanish style stone building with courtyards.

Open air windows and doors that we threw open to let in sunlight and breezes.

Humming fans that gently spiraled fresh air over us, heavenly in bed when sleeping or napping or relaxing.

A quiet location set back within the building away from the street, something to value in a place where streets can be noisy all throughout the night.

A futon so we could accommodate our friends for a sleepover toward the end of the trip.

It was mad CHEAP!

The minuses:

The hot water in the shower was finicky and our minimal Spanish kept us from approaching the landlord about it

(Though I didn't mind so much because cold showers were sometimes refreshing in the heat)

We missed having someone around for advice on transportation and nearby restaurants etc, like you can get at hotels and hostels and B&Bs.

The apartment was not technically located in its advertised neighborhood of San Telmo. It was within walking distance to some tourist sights and subway stations (that don't go anywhere convenient in terms of nightlife), but it unfortunately wasn't really within walking distance of good restaurants or bars. Hence taking cabs everywhere. Next time I'd like to stay right in the heart of a cool neighborhood like San Telmo or Palermo.

The "kitchen" was really more of a large closet with a mini-fridge, a sink, and a camping-size stove. Not conducive to cooking romantic dinners, so there was none of that. But I think (hope?) we saved a little money on breakfasts by making our own coffee, cooking up toast and eggs, and being able to have sandwich supplies (and candy) on hand.

Argentina adventures tales to be continued...

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