October 29, 2008

The Best News Ever

Sixpoint is going to start making bottled beer! It says so in this fascinating article in the New York Times today about a resurgence in beer brewing in Brooklyn, which once produced one fifth of the nation's beer and is now home to only three breweries. Most importantly it announces that Sixpoint Craft Ales is going to open a new facility in Williamsburg that will allow them to produce bottled beer!

Jesse and I are so excited. We looove Sixpoint, and have been eagerly awaiting the day we could enjoy bottles of it in our home, instead of having to trek to a bar or all the way to Bierkraft in Park Slope for a pricey growler. Their beers, which are all characterized by the same fast-acting yeast that lends a distinctive hoppy flavor, have been growing ever more popular over the past couple years, and it's about time. I'll be sure to let you know when the bottles hit stores so y'all can go out and try it too. In the meantime, you can use Beer Menus to find the bar nearest you with Sixpoint on tap.


Will said...

Another amazing trend is all of the bars and beer stores offering growlers. Once the domain of only Bierkraft, now there are dozens of places to get draft beer to drink at home:

* Thrifty Beverage: 256 Court St. at Kane St., Brooklyn, (718) 875-0226
* Whole Foods Beer Room: 95 East Houston St. at Bowery, (212) 420-1320
* Bierkraft: 191 Fifth Ave. at Berkeley Pl., Brooklyn, (718) 230-7600
* Community Beverage: 8004 Grand Ave. at 80th St., Queens, (718) 458-5254
* New Beer Distributors: 167 Chrystie St. at Rivington St., (212) 473-8757
* Grab Specialty Foods: 438 Seventh Ave. at 15th St., Brooklyn, (718) 369-7595

* Fette Sau: 354 Metropolitan Ave., at Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, (718) 963-3404
* The Ginger Man: 11 East 36th St. at Madison Ave., (212) 532-3740
* Pacific Standard: 82 Fourth Ave. at St. Mark's Pl., Brooklyn, (718) 858-1951
* Vox Pop: 1022 Cortelyou Rd. at Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, (718) 940-2084
* Dive Bar: 732 Amsterdam Ave. at 96th St., (212) 749-4358
* Dive 75: 101 West 75th St. at Columbus Ave., (212) 362-7518
* Broadway Dive: 2662 Broadway at 101st St., (212) 865-2662
* Amsterdam 106: 938 Amsterdam Ave. at 106th St., (212) 280-8070

Will said...
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Julia said...

well thanks for that tip - i only knew about bierkraft and whole foods growlers!