September 25, 2008

Cheap Wine Glasses

Why are wine glasses so easy to break? I just broke another one tonight to add to many broken past glasses - while mildly washing a champagne flute with with an angry drunken disposition - leaving me with a bloody finger, and just one red wine glass, one white wine glass, and one champagne flute in my kitchen cabinet. Can someone in design please do something about that?

I'm really into design and decor and hairpieces lately. Like oh my deer's gorgeous hairpieces below. She has more for sale on her etsy. Can I just say I finally get etsy? It's filled with tons of pretty handmade one-of-a-kind things - jewelry, clothes, aprons, crafty things galore - the kind of things that I think, oh I could make something like that myself - or I could let these talented people do a better job for me, and they don't tend to charge that much either.

Appropriately enough, a picture of me with a flower in my hair at the event that caused aforesaid drunkenness is forthcoming.

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