April 17, 2009

The Year of Cabbage

If last winter was the year of kale, then I'd say this winter was the year of cabbage.

It's because last year Garden of Eve kept me stocked with kale all throughout the winter when no one else at the farmers markets had green vegetables. Then this year, I couldn't even find kale regularly. But I could still find cabbage.

Plus this year I first realized how delicious cabbage is when sauteed. Much nicer than in bland braised dishes. Slice it thinly, like you would to make slaw, but then sautee it in olive oil with onions, salt, and pepper, letting the onion and cabbage strips brown a bit over medium heat. Then leave it on low heat covered for about 10 minutes until it wilts a bit. The result is perfectly flavored, tender, but with a nice bite. A great side dish.

Or add it to cooked beans and brown rice with some grated cheese and salsa for flavor, as another version of my "healthy rice and beans", an easy dish that is a Jesse pleaser.

Now that the weather is warming up, hopefully we'll be eating things besides cabbage soon.


Kim - Easy French Food said...

Mmm. I'm a big fan of sauteed cabbage. I like to toss in a few chestnuts for a really satisfying dish. Here's a cabbage casserole that you might like. It makes a filling vegetarian dinner. Cheers and happy blogging!

michael said...

i came across your blog when i googled wild leeks. would you be interested in some. i have lots' fiddle heads and nettels as well. .....mike