June 3, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I meant to post this months ago after I went to a Mets game but forgot...since this was the last season at Shea Stadium I might as well post now to commemorate my experiences with it:

Did you know that beers at Shea Stadium are $8? For a Bud or a Bud Light, with no other choice?

Did you know that the size of the sponsor logos outshadow the tiny sign for the Mets?

Did you know that it's hard to watch the game from the bleachers because the diamond is too small an area for my eyes to focus on for very long? I kept missing things because my eyes wandered.

Did you know that the Mets and the Yankees are both building new stadiums right alongside the old ones, for no other reason I can understand than hubris?

I didn't know these things before, but I do now. I'm not a big baseball fan, or a fan of any sports in general really, but I was excited when I get free tickets to a Mets game because I wanted to see what it was all about. And that's what I did, just took it all in - the big stadium, the big lights, the big ads, the view of Queens beyond, the big prices, the big speakers, and the guy shouting Yankee Cookie behind me (not sure what that was all about, but I guess he doesn't like the Yankees).

It wouldn't be a baseball game without the beer, so I made an exception and drank Bud, which I almost never do (being a beer snob who sticks to microbrews). But having spent all our money on beer, we headed home after the fifth inning when we got hungry for dinner, instead of shelling out for those peanuts and cracker jack. So no food review here. Sorry. and Good night.

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